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The BOSS (The Boys Of Super Space) Profile

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~ Member Profile ~
Birth Name: Lee Su Hoon
Stage Name: Mika
Birthday: June 28, 1990
Height: 178 cm
Blood Type: B
Position: Leader, Main Vocalist
Facts: He is the second-cousin of 2PM’s Junsu. He’s also envy Karam of being handsome. He was the 3rd and 4th-generation member of Xing, under the stage name “White”.
Specialty: Piano
 Birth Name: Park Hyun Chul
Stage Name: Karam
Birthday: June 28, 1991
Height: 178 cm
Blood Type: B
Position: Second Main Dancer, Vocalist
Facts: He is the huge fan of DBSK’s Yunho. He was a 4th-generation member of Xing, using the stage name “Rising”.
Birth Name: Woo Hyun Min
Stage Name: Hyunmin
Nickname: MPM (Monkey, Potato, Maskman)
Birthday: July 22, 1991
Height: 181 cm
Blood Type: O
Position: Lead Vocalist
Facts: He was part of the second through 4th-generation of Xing under the stage name “Husky” due to his unique singing voice. He’s also the one with the weird personality in the group.
Specialty: Piano, Guitar
Birth Name: Lee In Joon
Stage Name: Injun
Birthday: March 9, 1992
Height: 175 cm
Blood Type: O
Position: Vocalist
Facts: He’s fan of SG Wannabe. He was a 4th-generation member of Xing under the stage name of “Soul”. Known as the Twitter King and the talkative one in the group.
Specialty: Beatbox
Birth Name: Jeon Ji Hwan
Stage Name: Jay
Birthday: March 31, 1994
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Blood Type: A
Position: Main Dancer, Rapper, Maknae
Facts: He was 3rd and 4th-generation member of Xing under the stage name “Kipalang”. He was featured on Star King for his popping skills, named by the show as the ‘Poppin’ Prodigy’ before debuting in The BOSS.

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