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Epik High Profile

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~ Member Profile ~
Real Name: Lee Sun Woong (이선웅)
American Name: Daniel Armand Lee
Stage Name: Tablo
Nickname: Supreme T
Date of Birth: July 22, 1980
Position: Leader, rapper
Fun Facts:
* He was born in Korea and moved to Canada when he was 8 years old
* He has a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in English Literature and Creative Writing from Stanford University, California, USA
* He’s been a fan of rap ever since he was little and listened to old Run-DMC and Cold Crush tapes
* Drunken Tiger was Tablo’s biggest inspiration to become a member of Epik High
* Claimed to be the first emcee to invent the rhyming rifle
* He does various shows and cameos with the EPMD
* He is married to actress Kang Hye Jung (October 2009) and has one daughter with her (born May 2, 2010)
Real Name:  Jeong Sik Kim (김정식)
Stage Name: DJ Tukutz
Nickname: Street T
Date of Birth: November 19, 1981
Position: Producer, turntablist, and engineer
Fun Facts: 
* He is the disc jockey of the group
* He first got into DJ-ing in the summer of 1995 while spending his time at illegal raves and warehouse parties
* He attended the Technics DJ School in Seoul, South Korea in 2000
* He teamed up with Tablo and went to the U.S with him, where he worked and DJ-ed on radio shows, live events and clubs around the Boston and New York City area
Real Name:  Choi Jin (최진)
Stage Name: Mithra
Date of Birth: January 6, 1983
Position: Producer, lyricist, MC
Fun Facts: 
* He was originally a poet
* He did park emceeing and poetry readings before teaming up with Tablo
* Tablo and Mithra were introduced through a mutual friend, in which they clicked right away by similar poetic rhymes

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